My name is Marie Palmer. Except that it isn’t, not really. While researching my family’s history, I discovered that, as hard as he had tried to hide it, my grandfather’s surname was actually Page and not Palmer.

I am a genealogist, librarian, educator, and former computer engineer. I research, organize, and write about family history and I’m passionate about helping others to do the same. Learn more about me and have a read through some of my articles.

Judge’s review of Marie’s winning essay, Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies Diamond Jubilee Competition:

This was a very moving account of poverty in Liverpool – gritty, raw and powerful. The story was very well researched and written with layers of social history and context that drew the reader in, allowing them to empathise with the struggles and adversity that Mary and James faced throughout their lives. The poverty and tragedy were brought to life by the quotes and extracts, making this an absorbing and compelling piece of story telling as well as showcasing the research methodology that underpinned it. I was particularly impressed by the honesty of this account, with Mary’s difficulties laid bare by recollections from later generations. Too many family histories turn into a hagiography; this story revealed the lengths people would go to in their struggle to survive.

Dr. Nick Barratt

My husband and I attended a wonderful presentation by Marie Palmer on Family History Journeys at our local library. She quickly ignited our interest in pursuing the task of building our own family trees with the intent of adding many kitchen table family stories. Fortunately Marie was available to help with the exciting journey of discovering the characters, times & places. Her skills at research, analysis and the compiling of documents are professional with clear reports of her findings. Her organizational skills are just what I need! And most importantly Marie is a pure delight to work with! Thank you Marie!!

Joan Bennett

Marie recently researched both my parents and I was so impressed with the results of long-lost knowledge that she found. She has an enquiring mind and will find well-hidden information and family photos. I would highly recommend Marie for your genealogy research – you will be amazed at the results.

Susan F.

Marie has achieved what we thought was impossible. My mother never told us who her father was, and when she died at 93 in 2001 all she left was a birth certificate with her mother’s name on it. We had gone through all the letters, bible entries, and other information we had available. This year, we also did DNA tests with two different companies to try and find matches, but we were still at a dead. Marie’s incredible sleuthing and diligent methodology has turned up records we had no idea existed. We finally have a name for my grandfather. Marie has done truly amazing genealogical research, and we are so grateful.

Name withheld for privacy reasons