Just as every family is unique, so are your needs when it comes to your genealogy research. With this in mind, I offer a variety of custom services, from research, to organization, to sharing your results in digital and paper format. I also offer group workshops as well as individual online and in-person teaching to help you get the most from your research.

Helping others to learn more about genealogy is a passion of mine. I offer a variety of flexible, interactive presentations that can be delivered online or in-person to groups and individuals. Learn more about my speaking sessions.

Before diving into research, I work closely with you to identify your goals and any records and results you may already have. I provide a research strategy and follow up with a thorough report including research logs, results, records, charts, citations and recommendations for further research.

Taking a DNA test has never been easier, but which test should you take? Autosomal? Y-DNA? Mitochondrial? And from which company? I’ve used DNA to break down some major brick walls and can help you determine which test is best for your needs and what to do with the results when you get them. Read some of the articles I’ve written about testing:

If you prefer working on your own, but need some guidance in research, organization or sharing of information, I’m here to help. I’ve taught an extensive variety of topics both online and in-person in public schools, colleges and libraries for over twenty years. I offer genealogy workshops and custom courses and tutoring for individuals or groups. Learn more about me.


If you enjoy seeing your ancestry visually, I can provide you with high-quality, beautiful and modern family tree charts, such as the “Family Mountain“. More samples are coming soon…

My journey into genealogy began years ago when I realized I had copies of old family letters and mementos that my sister didn’t have. I transcribed and digitized letters and audio recordings, photographed mementos, and created a 330 page document with all of these results to share with her and our children. I’m passionate about archiving family history and can help you digitize your keepsakes for future generations.

You have a vast amount of information about your ancestors or you’re just starting out and wonder where to store all of the information you hope to gather. With so many systems available from online family trees, genealogy software, your own computer file system, backup systems, traditional paper files, as well as note taking applications, it can be confusing to know which systems you need and how to coordinate information between them. Your research needs to be organized so that you and your family can find records easily and avoid duplication of search efforts. Whether you’re just starting out with genealogy or have been at it for a while, I can help set up your online, electronic and paper filing systems in a flexible way that flows efficiently for you and and is easily shared with your family.

There are many different ways to share your research with your family. As part of organizing your systems, I can advise on how to electronically and automatically share results with family, whether it’s through a family tree, reports or some other method. However, this may not be enough to pique everyone’s interest. Telling your ancestors’ stories by including context can make family history more appealing to relatives. I can write narratives that include local history and historical photographs for your ancestors so that you and your family get a better feel for what their lives were really like. Read an example of one of my own ancestral stories here and stay tuned for more reports and stories.

For more information and to find out how I can help you, please contact me.